Candles and Incense

Lifestyles in Valparaiso, Indiana

We carry a large variety of scents and include a wide variety of scented items
from diffusers to candles, we have it all!

Our candle section is aromatherapy at its best. Our Capri Blue candles, with the famous Volcano scent, are a must have. Two of our local candle makers are right here in Valparaiso. Scented Seasons makes soy candles. She is always coming up with new scents and her seasonal scents are amazing. Lemon’s Grace, also made here in Valparaiso, is a luxurious spa candle. When the wax melts, it is used as a moisturizer for your skin. They are made with coconut oils that do not get hot, just a soothing warm sensation. We carry other brands such as Votivo and Tried and True to name a few. Tried and True also has sparoom wood diffusers. Northern Lights has wax melts, burners, votives and tapers in every color. One of our new lines is Magnolia Home by Joanna Gains. Her scents are light and refreshing.

We carry Wildberry Incense in over 50 scents. They come in cones, tall sticks and shorties. If you buy in multiples of 10, 30 or 100, you get a deal with free incense. We have many different burners in wood, brass, and ceramic. We also have backflow burners, and the backflow cones that go with it. We carry sage and palo santo sticks for smudging. This is great for removing negative energy and bacteria in the air. Our incense is one of the top selling items in the store!