Bath & Body

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Pamper yourself with our bath and body section. We have essential oils, soaps of alluring fragrances, and unique soaps that can turn a shower into a spa experience.​

Pamper yourself with our bath and body section.

Our Shower Bursts are made with essential oils and turn your shower into a spa experience. We have bath bombs for every occasion, like curing a hangover, relaxation and even an energy booster! Our bath and body selection also features Spongelle, a soap infused sponge that lasts at least 10 showers and comes in spectacular scents. Spongelle makes Pedi Buffers as well, that cleanse and buff in one. 

Another one of our best sellers, Michel Designs, is beautiful inside and out. They have lotions, soap bars with matching soap dishes, bubble baths and scented sachets for every room in your house.


We also carry shampoo and conditioner bars for the environmentally conscious, leaving no plastic bottles to go to waste.

The Bath and Body section would not be complete without a Men’s line! Duke Cannon has BIG ASS BRICKS of soap in different manly scents. We also carry their beard oils and colognes.

Essential oils are extremely popular right now and we carry four top brands of pure essential oils. Rare Essence and LorAnn Oils are 100% pure. Suns Eye and Serene House are lovely for scents in the house and are all made in the USA.